Over 200 Posts!

I have now done over 200 posts on my dog blog!

Life is always so busy and I always have lots of fun places to see and blog about.

I hope you are enjoying my posts and you continue to follow my adventures.

Thank you for joining me.



Sa Maison Garden

Another walk, another garden. This time Sa Maison Garden.

This peaceful garden has wonderful plants and flowers.

Walls and pathways to run along.

Strange large objects to sniff.

Lots of interesting areas to explore.

This garden is also known as ‘il-Gnien tal-Milorda’, which means Her Ladyship’s Garden. It was named after Lady Julia Lockwood who owned the garden a long long time ago in 1842.

Msida Bastion Historic Garden

I am always finding new places to visit and explore.

Msida Bastion Historic Garden is a quiet place with lots of interesting things to sniff.

It has lots of great plants and trees.

It is away from all the people in the towns.

The grass is soft and bouncy under my feet.

A great place to visit.

Wash Day

A very strange activity happened today.

All my favourite toys were gathered up and put inside this strange white machine.

The machine had a little window and my toys went round and round.

I’m glad I’m not in this white machine, my toys look like they are getting dizzy.

When the machine stopped the toys were fixed to wires in the air.

They felt a bit wet.

But smell very nice.

When all my toys were dry I was able to investigate and make sure they were all ok.

Happy Easter

It’s that time of year that the weather is warming up and the traditions of painting eggs and eating sweet treats happens.

Yum.I am a very lucky dog I get lots of treats for this Easter time.

I love to crunch and chew my biscuit egg.I try not to leave a crumb behind.

I hope you all get some great Easter treats.

Happy Easter everyone

New Hobby

I have found myself a new hobby. It is called rock exploring.

I can happily spend hours walking across the rocks.

Sniffing each area.

Looking into each crack

Climbing and standing on top of huge rocks for a great view.

A great way to spend a day.

Boot Fair

On Sunday I took part in a Boot Fair. I have never been to one of these events before.

I discovered that it had nothing to do with boots or shoes. Although there were some shoes on sale.

This was a place set lots of two-leggeds sell things they no longer want. Other two-leggeds then come and buy the things.

I sometimes kept cool under the table.

This seemed to be the perfect place to see and hear what was happening.

We sold lots of things and I had fun guarding the money.