January Hike

It’s time to get out, explore and blow the cobwebs away.

Today I explored a place call Bingemma.

I walked along a place called the Victoria lines.

These walls were built many years ago to be a defense for the island.

Now they are broken walls. But there are great views from this high up.

It is a nice long walk.

With no one around.

Lots of places to sniff.

A great morning hike.

Morning Walk

This morning I was awake bright and early. I was full of energy and wanting to go for a nice walk.

So I headed off to explore.

I found plants to sniff.

And I enjoyed stopping sniffing the air and having a good look around.

I walked a long way.

There is nothing quite like an early morning walk to start your day.


This is my Alien.

I love him a lot.

I get very excited to play with him.

I watch his every move.

He is very difficult to pick up.

I have to try hold him by his tail or his foot.

He is a very bouncy Alien.

I don’t like to share him.