Today is my Birthday

It’s my Birthday and I am 5 years old today.

To celebrate I thought I would take a look back over the last 5 years and see how I have changed and grown up.

This is me at 3 weeks old

I was so cute!

A few weeks older

Somethings never change, I have always liked my food!

As I started to grow I became more handsome. Don’t you think?

I used to enjoy my sleep as much as I do now.

I learned what games I liked to play.

My fur changed and I started to grow my wonderful mane.

I started to develop my sense for adventure and enjoy exploring new places.

But I still enjoyed my home comforts.

And my trusty ball of course.

I have loved taking part in family occasions over the years.

Today I am older, wiser and even more handsome with age.


The Importance of Washing

It is very important at the moment that we all keep ourselves germ free.

This means it is very important to wash.

If you go outside for your walk, you must wash your paws when you come back home.

Me, I like to wash all over.

I especially like the drying part after washing.

Stay clean and stay safe.

Staying At Home

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping safe. It is a strange time at the moment with every dog and 2 legged staying at home.

I am staying at home too, only going out for short walks to get some daily exercise.

I am keeping myself busy and reading lots.

I do like go good story.

You should stay at home and read lots too.

January Hike

It’s time to get out, explore and blow the cobwebs away.

Today I explored a place call Bingemma.

I walked along a place called the Victoria lines.

These walls were built many years ago to be a defense for the island.

Now they are broken walls. But there are great views from this high up.

It is a nice long walk.

With no one around.

Lots of places to sniff.

A great morning hike.

Morning Walk

This morning I was awake bright and early. I was full of energy and wanting to go for a nice walk.

So I headed off to explore.

I found plants to sniff.

And I enjoyed stopping sniffing the air and having a good look around.

I walked a long way.

There is nothing quite like an early morning walk to start your day.